IMG_0226Hello there!

Thank you for taking an interest in my blog. I am a high school English teacher, who has taught in a diverse, low-income community for six years. I also teach college-level writing as an adjunct at a local university.

Like the majority of teachers, I love my students, and teaching them can be sometimes be rewarding, but mostly the politics and culture of public education–not to mention the long hours of grading–are a drag. As much as I wish it were not the case, I’m not happy as a teacher.

This blog follows my attempt to make sense of my situation and my journey to discovering a new purpose in life–to find my happiness. I hope that if you find a piece of yourself in my posts, I will be instrumental in helping you through your journey of self-discovery and/or stand alongside you as you embark on a career change. Most of all, I hope that we will learn together, and I invite you to share your wisdom in the comments section of each post.

I post as My Second Apple in order to protect the anonymity of my students and my school district.